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Bob Gluck
piano, keyboards, electronics

Bob Gluck is a multi-faceted pianist, composer, software interface designer and historical writer. His repertoire spans jazz performance integrating electronics, free improvisation, avant-garde concert music and music for electronic expansions of acoustical instruments. Among his performing instruments are the Disklavier (computer-assisted piano), ram's horn and Turkish baglama saz. His 2005 - 2006 tour featuring solo live-electronic versions of the electric music of Miles Davis traveled to Prague (Czech Republic), Keele (UK), Ottawa, Middlebury (Vermont), San Diego and Irvine, California. Other recent performances and showings of his work have been in Los Angeles, Berlin, Bucharest, Miami, Mexico City, New York City (Flea Theater and Lotus Music and Dance), Montreal, Toronto, Atlanta, Dartmouth College and beyond. His recordings include 'Stories Heard and Retold' (1998) and 'Electric Songs' (2003). About 'Stories Heard and Retold', Michael Bergman wrote in the Berkshire Advocate: "The remarkable wave of sound overcomes the consciousness of the listener transporting him or her to another place ..."

Gluck is also a designer of multimedia installations. His works include 'Layered Histories' (2004), an immersive sound and video environment with Cynthia Rubin and 'Sounds of a Community' (2001 - 2002). His historical writings have been published in Leonardo Music Journal, Organized Sound, Journal SEAMUS, Leonardo, Living Music Journal, The Reconstructionist, Tav+ and at the EMF Institute. Bob Gluck's early musical training began at the Julliard and Manhattan Schools of Music. After years of conservatory training, his musical life dramatically changed after hearing Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa and Miles Davis' electric bands. He studied electronic music at the Crane School of Music, State University of New York at Albany, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Gluck is Associate Professor of Music and Director of the Electronic Music Studio at The University at Albany, and Associate Director at the Electronic Music Foundation.